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Join us for an Power Lifting Seminar at CFT on Saturday, August 12 from 1-4pm.  During this three-hour seminar we will cover the squat, deadlift, and bench press. Squat – Difference between high and low bar back squat. Why you would choose one over the other. How they translate to CrossFit and fitness in general. Set up and execution of the squat, and lastly some anatomy and how it would affect which squat is for you. Deadlift – How to set up. Dos and don’ts of the deadlift, how to make smart jumps when going for a 1RM or a heavy set, and anatomy and how it affects your deadlift. Bench press- set up, how to use you legs to your advantage, and how having long arms is the bane of my existence in the bench press… We will be pushing the weight a little during this seminar so you will be able to get some feed back with any changes we make during the course of the day. We will be covering proper body mechanics and bracing techniques for all of the lifts as well. This is gonna be a fun day!!
 Only 15 spots available.