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Drew Leonhart

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In 2010, I came to CFT on the advice of a good friend who knew how stagnant my workouts had become. I had fallen into that trap of going to the gym and doing the exercises I liked, instead of what I needed to make me a better, more functional athlete. Immediately, I was out of my comfort zone and, while it was certainly uncomfortable, I knew it was where I needed to be. Within a year, I was coaching and by 2013 I was managing the gym. In 2014, was fortunate to become a co owner of something I love. As a coach, I'm always the first one to tell people that if you're looking for a 5# PR on your squat snatch, I'm not the guy. You need someone to recommend a modification or work around an injury, that's where I come in. If you can't do one of our workouts, it's my fault, not yours.

Favorite Quote

Performance is directly correlated with intensity. Intensity is directly correlated with discomfort. -Coach Greg Glassman

Drew Leonhart

Co-Owner & Head Coach

Education & Experience

B.B.A Finance
B.S. Exercise Physiology
M.A. History
WV Physical Therapy Assistant #1514

CrossFit L1 June 2011
Crossfit Endurance November 2011
Crossfit Olympic Lifting March 2012
Crossfit Mobility May 2012
Crossfit Powerlifting June 2013
USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach March 2013