Kem Pasley


Kem Pasley

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I started Crossfit in December of 2012 after my husband encouraged me to give it a try. I was tired of doing the same workouts and machines at the YMCA by myself. After my first WOD I fell in love with Crossfit. I couldn't do a pull up and barely could pick up a barbell, it only drove me to get better and push myself harder. I have made some amazing friends within this community who make this place so much more than just a place to workout. Since Crossfit I've finished ran two 1/2 marathons and have grown to love the occasional trial run with other members. Most importantly I feel like my husband and I are trying to be positive role models for our children to live a healthy active lifestyle.

Favorite Quote

To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift - Steve Prefontaine

Kem Pasley


Education & Experience

B.S. Health and Wellness Education from University of Charleston

Lv1 in February 2015

Favorite workout – Nancy